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Soooo after two very long weeks I finally got my power on. There should be another chapter in the next couple of days. Thank you for all of those who wished me lucked and hoped for me.

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I am sad to say that I may be unable to play the sims for awhile. Not sure how things are going to work out. I'm going through a breakup and instead of him putting the money in my bank he aloud my check to bounce which cause the electric company come and shut it off. I am currently staying with my mom and I might be able to get my desktop over here but I am unsure how long that'll take.

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Chapter 14

::This is going to be a long update. I couldn't split this up into two chapters because it was all needed to happen at once.::


The next morning I woke up with a sickening feeling in my stomach. I was completely nauseas and didn't know why. I reached beside me and Damen wasn't there.
I pulled my self out of bed and looked around. Where could he have gone?

I found a vase full of roses with a post it note stuck on the wall behind it. My stomach wouldn't allow me to smell the beautiful flowers. I grabbed the note off of the wall and read it.
             You looked so beautiful sleeping I didn't want to wake you. I had to go out for a few. There was some things I needed to do that involved work. Feel free to stay here at the Resort while I'm gone or go out and explore the island on your own. I will be back before it's time for dinner then we will go out to a wonderful restraunt. Call me if you need me.
I was a little upset that he had left without saying goodbye. But I understood why he didn't want to wake me. I was after all on vacation and part of vacations were getting to sleep in.

I got up and headed downstairs for some breakfast. The smells from the buffet churned my stomach even more. I doubted I'd be able to eat much but I needed to force myself to eat. Maybe I was just hungry and that's why I felt sick.

I forced a couple of bites down my stomach before I gave up. Maybe I got food poisoning or something. I headed back up to my room and changed into some work out clothes. Hopefully a job on the excercise machine would help me feel better. Excersing usually did.

I wasn't even on the machine for five minutes when I got the sensation I was going to throw up.
This is how I spent most of my day. Trying to entertain myself around the resort but always ended up at the bathroom.

It amazed me that I could throw up with nothing in my stomach. The pain from the nausea was unbareable. I wasn't able to enjoy anything the resort had to offer. So I decided to head back to my room and sleep it off.

I don't know how long I slept. I didn't care. All I wanted was that horrible feeling to go away. I didn't wake until Damen came back.

"Well I didn't expect you to sleep in all day." He let out a small laugh.
"I'm sorry. I just don't feel good."
He reached down to feel my forehead.
"You're burning up Scarlet. What's wrong."
"I think I have food poisoning. I've been throwing up all day and can't eat anything. Do you feel ok?"
We had both ate the same things since we were here. Surely he had to be feeling sick too.
"Yeah I'm fine. I think we should get you to the doctors."

"No I'm fine." I jumped up out of the bed and swayed a little.
Damen grabbed me and settled me so I wouldn't fall.
"Come on Scarlet. You're sick. We need to make sure you're ok."
"I don't want to ruin our vacation with a trip to the hospital."
Damen touched the side of my face. "There's nothing you can do that would ruin this trip. It's already so perfect. Plus I have to get you feeling better so we can continue. It wouldn't be much fun for you to stay here for the rest of this week and feel bad."
I grudgingly agreed even though I hated hospitals.

Thankfully once we arrived at the hospital I was able to get right back to a room. A nurse came in and took my vitals then a phlebotomist came in and drew some blood. The nurse came back and and told me that as soon as the results come back from my blood the doctor will be in to see me. We waited patienly and quietly for about a half an hour.

"Good afternoon Ms. Capuche. I'm Dr. Smith. Are you feeling any better?"
I shook my head no. I hadn't thrown up since we arrived but the feeling never left.
"Well your results are in and we have good news. You don't have a bug or virus. You're pregnant."
My eyes went wide and my mouth flew open.
Before I could protest my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID.
"Sorry excuse me I have to take this call. It's Jessica."

I got off of the bed and clicked the call button and put the phone to me ear.
There was sobbing on the other end. Jessica was hysterical.
"Calm down Jessica. What's wrong."
"Oh Scarlet....Agnes...there was blood..." Was all I could manage to hear between her loud sobs.
"What?! Oh my god. I'll be there as fast as I can."
I went numb as I hit the end button. As I sat down on the edge of the bed.

::Damen's POV::
I could see something was wrong as Scarlet sat down and put her head down on her arms. The doctor excused himself out of the room as I walked over to her.
"Scarlet dear what's wrong."
"I need to get home. It's grandma." She didn't say anything else.
I tried to get her to tell me what was wrong. But all she did was sit there.

I tried to comfort her but she didn't budge. She didn't say anything else.
"I'll call the airport and make arrangments for us to leave."
I tried one last time to comfort her before I headed out of the room. I was going to make arrangments but first there was someone I needed to call.

I quickly found Jossten's phone number in my contacts and clicked the send button.
I didn't know how to feel. I was angry because I knew he had something to do with Agnes but at the same time I was happy. I had just found out that I was going to be a father. I wanted so bad to crush the phone in my hands but instead I put it to my ear and heard it ring.
"Well hello Damen. It's so good to hear from you."
"Cut the bullshit Jossten. Why did you do it?"
There was an evil laugh from the other end.
"Oh Damen. You see the poor old lady was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I went in to see Scarlet and found she wasn't there. But dear old Agnes was and she saw me. I had to kill her or she was going to call the cops on me. It's such a shame really. I was looking forward to getting my hands on the human you hold so dearly to yourself. Oh well there's always a next time."
"There won't be a next time Jossten. Stay away from Scarlet. She's pregnant with my child and you can't harm her."
"Oh dear Damen what have you done."
I hung up before he had a chance to say anything else.

I calmed myself down before I called the Resort and the airport. After about twenty mintues of being on the phone I was able to get my bags sent to the airport and two spots on the flight due to leave in an hour.
I headed back into the room to get Scarlet and then we left the hospital.

The car ride to the airport was awkward. Scarlet didn't speak one word. I knew why she was hurting and it was because of me. If I hadn't went after her none of this would have happen. I should have kept my distance and stayed away from her. It was selfish of me to have let things get this far. It's too late to turn back now. She's pregnant and there's no way I'm going to back away now.

There was a police officer still there when we arrived. Jessica sat at the dinning table still balling her eyes out.
"Scarlet I'm so sorry." She said as we entered.
Scarlet didn't respond to her.
"You must be Ms. Capuche. I'm so sorry about your grandma. She was a wonderful lady."
"What happened." Scarlet softly spoke.
"We don't know all the details yet but someone broke into your house and killed her in her bed."
Scarlet didn't respond to this bit of information at all. I could tell she was still numb from everything.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Her voice was just a whisper.
"Yes. We have some questions for you but they can wait until tomorrow. Come down to the police station tomorrow morning and we can talk then. If you need anything please feel free to call me." He handed her a card.
"Can everyone leave please."
The office touched her arm before walking out the door. Jessica stopped and was about to say something to Scarlet then changed her mind. She followed the police officer out of the door.
Scarlet turned to head upstairs.

I stopped her by wrapping my arms around her.
"Maybe we should stay at my house tonight."
Her body went rigid.
"No. I'm staying here. Could you please leave to I need to be alone."
It hurt me that she didn't want me to stay with her but I knew she had a lot going on. I kissed her check.
"Call me if you need me. Stay inside and keep the doors locked. We don't know if the person who killed Agnes is still around."
She didn't speak. I knew she was hurting inside and it killed me to see her like this.
"I love you Scarlet."
She just nodded her head.

With a sigh I turned around and headed for the door. Every part of me told me not to leave her. It told me to turn around and make her let me stay. But I knew she needed space. So I would give it to her. But there was no way I was going to go home.
I headed to make care and sat there. I would camp out here all night just to make sure Jossten left her alone.

::Scarlet's POV::
I was completely numb. The news that I was pregnant and my grandma's death hadn't hit me completely yet. How could this be happening I needed my grandma and she was gone. Who would do such a thing to such an innocent person? So many questions filled my head that I knew I wouldn't have the answer to.
I was heading to my room but the crime scene tape on my grandma's door caught my eye. I headed straight to the door and began ripping the tape down. I knew I shouldn't but I headed into her room.

The sight before me caused my to gasp in horror. Blood covered her blankets. I found myself asking who would do this to her once again.
This wasn't just some coincidence. This was planned. They crept inside our house and came up to her room and killed her.
It made me realize that there was monsters in this world. Real live horrible monsters. They couldn't be human. Not to do something like this.
I grabbed the blankets off of her bed and scooped them up.

I headed outside to the garage where the washer and dryer was. Damen had asked me not to leave the house but I couldn't let the blankets stay like that on her bed. I tried my hardest to erase the image out of my mind.
I failed. Everytime I tried it would flash before me. It was etched into my mind and I would forever remember it.

I stood there while the washer filled up with water and it began shaking. I don't know what came over me but everything hit me at once. I began crying hysterically.
Too much had happened today. I was the last family memeber alive. I didn't want that burden. I couldn't take care of myself. I needed my grandma. And on top of that I was pregnant. How could that be possible? Damen and I were extremely careful each time and I was on birth control. I guess I'd have to stop taking those pills.

After the blankets where put into the dryer I headed back upstairs and took a shower. I was still crying hard. I felt so alone. Maybe  I shouldn't have sent Damon away. Part of me wanted to call him but the other more powerful part told me I needed to deal with this on my own.

After I managed to stop myself from crying I got out of the shower and headed to my bed. I knew sleep would elude me tonight. But I had to try. My body was completely exhausted. My mind was still numb from everything. I held my hands on my stomach. The doctor had told me before I left I was about two weeks pregnant. That was around the time that Damon and I had started having sex.
I had just started taking the pills so I guess that's why I had conceived. They hadn't fully started working yet. But Damon had used a condom. Atleast I thought he did. Maybe we had been to caught up in everything to stop and be smart.
Either way I was pregnant and I was going to have this baby. That's what grandma would have wanted me to do.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Chapter 13

We slept in the next day and didn't wake until noon. Damon told me he had a whole day planned out and I was completely excited. We would be spending most of our day at the beach. First up though was something to eat. I was starved.
We headed downstairs to the restraunt and grabbed some lunch before heading out.

The drive from the resort was fairly short. Honestly I didn't know why we couldn't just walk outside not even a block away from the resort to the beach that was close by. Damen insisted on driving to a certain. He swore up and down that it was the best spot and it was his favorite.
The view on our way was still breathtaking. It felt like I was in a dream. This place was too amazing to be real.

We arrived at the beach in under ten minutes. He grabbed my hand and rushed me down to where the water meet the sand.
"See this view is awesome here. I love that little island. One day I'm going to rent a boat and row my way out there. I know it's pretty bare but wouldn't it be nice to be on an island where no one can get to you easily."
I smiled sweetly as I laid down a blanket on the sand.

"Oh Damen I'd love to be in your head. Sometimes I don't get the things that you come up with."
I pulled off my shorts and top and laid down on the blanket. The warmth off the sun on my skin was soothing. Damen pulled off his top and laid down next to me.
He scooted next to me and planted a soft kiss on my cheek.
"If you were in my head you would run as fast and as far away as you could."

We both laughed. But his didn't seem as sincere.

After Damen had all the sunbathing he could handle he dragged me up to the grass and insisted we toss a football around.
"Really Damen I'm not so great at sports. I don't even know how you throw the ball."
He laughed when I threw the ball to him like I was tossing baseball.

He managed to catch the ball everytime I threw it at him no matter how horrible the throw was. Me on the other hand didn't manage to catch the ball once. I felt like a complete fool. I had to admit thought that I was having a great time so far.

We headed back down to the blanket for a small picnic. It was around five. I was expecting us to head back to the resort after we finished but Damen insisted that we stay out for a little while longer.
"There's a park close by. I would love to show it to you. And of course we have to watch the sunset on the beach. It's so beautiful."
"You're like a big kid."
"Why is that?"
He laughed.
"You have so much you want to show. It's like a kid in a toy store dragging his mother around to show them some awesome new toys."
"I just love this place and this is the first time that I've actually had someone to share it with."
I blushed. I had assumed that he had taken previous girlfriends here. But you know what they say about people who assume.

Once we finished eating we packed up our things and Damen drove us to the park. It was really a beautiful place. The parks back at home had nothing on the parks here in Sunlit Tides. We walked hand in hand quietly taking in all the sights and sounds. Exotic birds chirped and the scents of the exotic flowers filled our noses.
This place really was like Heaven.

We reached a Gazebo. Damen turned to me and pulled me into his arms.
"Scarlet I love you soo much. I've never loved anyone this much in my life."
I couldn't help but to blush.
"Damen I love you soo much too. I look forward to each day that I wake up and get to see you. This vacation has been wonderful to me already. I love waking up next to you in the morning."

He pulled me into a deep passionate kiss. I couldn't help but blush as I felt the warmth of his touch spread through my body. I wanted, needed him completely. If it wasn't for the few people walking through the park I would have jumped on him right then and there.

We sat down on a bench and continued our make out session. I rested my hand on his thigh and couldn't help my self as my hand slowly slide down it to his buldge that was growing bigger by the minute.
If we waited just an hour longer the sun would be completely down engulfing us in darkness and then I would have my way with him right then and there.

He pulled away from me. I didn't want him to stop but he knew just as well as I that we couldn't carry on like this in public.
"I think it's best if we head down to the beach now. The sun will be going down soon and I don't want you to miss it."
"Oh come on. The sun will set tomorrow and I'll see it then."
I went in for another kiss. He moved his mouth so that I kissed his cheek.
"Trust me. It's taking every bit of control I have for me to stop but I really don't think that the parents of that kid over there would be too happy if we continued with our show."
I blushed as we stood up.
"You're right."
We walked down to the beach that was near the park.

I was breathless at the sight before me. The sun had started going down in the distance. A sailboat sailed through the ocean. I was unable to speak as we stood there hand in hand watching as the sun set.

Clearly I had to be dreaming. This day had been too perfect. I would wake up any minute back at home with Grandma and realize that I had just been sleeping this whole time.
The sun continued to fall and there was no sign that I was going to wake up. Damen pulled me into his arms and kissed me softly.
There was no way I could feel like this in a dream. This was very real. The way I felt for him couldn't be made up. My hurt fluttered as he held me closely to him.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chapter 12

Damen arrived at 6:45. The sun was just starting to rise. He helped me put my suitcase in his trunk. I was completely exhausted. Even though I had gotten to bed early the night before. I wasn't used to getting out of bed before at the least eight.

The ride to the airport was short. We barely spoke. Both of us were still really tired. I was excited to the resort. This was my first vacation out of town. I was glad that Damen had invited me.

The flight to Sunlit Tides was about four hours. The sight from the airplane as the island came into view was breathtaking. The ocean was beautiful. I took in the sights as the plane landed. We got off of the plane grabbed our bags and headed to the rental car desk.
Damen had reserved a car so all he had to do was sign some paperwork and grab the keys.
I kept my eyes peeled on the beautiful view. My mouth was hanging wide open. This place was more beautiful than I had ever imagined.

We pulled up to the resort.
"Wow." Was all I could manage to say.
"I've been here about five times. I'm still breathless by the view every time I come here."
We parked at the valet service and grabbed out bags then headed in to the front desk.

"Welcome to Sunlit Resorts. How may I help you today?"
"Hi. I'm Damen Ordolf. I have a reservation."
"Ok give me one moment while I find it."
She typed away on her computer. After she found Damen's reservation she opened a drawer and handed him a key.
"You are in the presidental suite. Take the stairs all the way up to the fourth floor. Once again welcome to Sunlit Resorts and I hope you enjoy your stay. If you need anything at all please call down here and we will do our best to help you."
She had the biggest smile on her face. It was probaly part of her job description. She did her best to make us feel welcome.
We grabbed our suitcases and headed up to our room.

I was amazed at the space in the room. It was the biggest room I had ever seen at a hotel. This was going to be where we lived for the next week. Damen sat our bags down as I headed around the room looking around.

There was a door that lead out to a balcony. There was a private bar and a hot tub.

I headed back to where Damen was. He pulled me into his arms.
"This is beyond my wildest dreams Damen. I love this place. I don't think I'm going to want to go home."
"I'm glad you really like this place. I've fallen in love with this Island. I've always had the dream of wanting to move here one day."
"I can see why. I would love to live here."
Damen smiled at me softly. There was something else he wanted to say but as he thought about it he changed his mind. I was about to ask him what was on his mind then he kissed me.
"Hey let's head outside to the hot tub."
I nodded my head as I headed over to my suitcase and grabbed my bathingsuit.

We got in the hot tub and cuddled with each other. The sun was shining brightly. I threw my head back and let my body relax completely. The warmth relaxed my muscles.

Damen leaned over to me and began kissing me. I could get use to living like this. Damen impressed me more and more each day. He had my heart completely I just hoped I had his too.